All Of Us Are Dead (2022)

All of Us Are Dead (2022)

Other name: 지금 우리 학교는Jigeum Uli HaggyoneunJigeum Uri HakgyoneunOur School NowNow at Our SchoolSchool Attack


All of Us Are Dead is about a group of high school students who are faced with an extreme crisis situation when they become trapped in their school, while a zombie virus spreads like a wildfire.

Adapted from the Korean webtoon called Now at Our School.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre:Drama; Horror; Suspense; Youth; Zombie;

Airs: July 23, 2022


Kim Ji Soo (1972), Oh Hee Joon (1988), Jo Dal Hwan (1981), Park Solomon (1999), Kim Byeong Cheol (1974), Bae Hae Seon (1974), Lee Kyoo Hyeong (1983), Yoon Chan Yeong (2001), Yoon Kyeong Ho (1980), Jeon Bae Soo (1970), Lee Sang Hee (1983), Ahn Seung Kyoon (1994), Yoo In Soo (1998), Lee Chae Eun (2004), Woo Ji Hyeon (1986), Ahn Ji Ho (2004), Jo Yi Hyeon (1999), Ham Seong Min (1998), Kim Go Eun (2001), Park Ji Hoo (2003), Jeong Yi Seo (1993), Shin Jae Hwi (1994), Jin Ho Eun (2000), Kim Jin Yeong (2003), Lee Min Koo (1992)

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